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Biopox aims to transfer research results to food and liqueur companies in order to support them in the development of new products and new processes, providing scientific and technological consultancy.

A skilled team supports the management in R&D projects that may concern:

  • development of innovative recipes;
  • design and validation of a production process;
  • identification of the most suitable preservation system contributes to the preservation of the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics;
  • sensory evaluation for the certification of the identity of the products.
  • Biopox ensures analysis on the finished product, control of supply, stabilization of emulsifiers, ingredient title, contaminant analysis.
  • Formulations of creams, extraction of essences and food grade aromas.

Biopox has developed stabilization pre-treatment systems for beverages such as fruit juices, wines and beer, woring on their phenolic content, combining it with filtration processes.